Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kayaking...even if you don't have your own...

Kayaking is a great activity you can do in the Monadnock Region and there are plenty of wonderful rivers, lakes and ponds you can enjoy but we realize not everyone owns their own kayaks.  Well, there are several options in the Peterborough area that still make it possible.
Kayaks ready to launch at Otter Lake
The first two options are to rent from either Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) in Peterborough or Pelletiers Sports in Jaffrey.  Neither is actually on a body of water so you rent from them and they will help you mount them on your vehicle and point you in the direction of a nearby lake or river.  The advantage to this is once the kayaks are on your vehicle you have the option of going to quite a few different places.

The other option is Otter Lake at Greenfield State Park.  The advantage to Otter Lake is that they rent the kayaks right on the beach and simply them into the lake and go.  We decided we needed to check out Otter Lake for ourselves since renting kayaks there is so easy.
Paula in front and to my left checking out the shoreline
Otter Lake is a decent size...135 acres large with an average depth of ten feet and plenty of peace and quiet.  We paddled around for about ninety minutes spotting ducks and ducklings, plenty of fish and even one otter (makes sense being it is Otter Lake).

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