Friday, October 4, 2013

A-Maize-ing Maze

It was a beautiful Fall day and the colors were really starting to pop so we decided to go for a scenic drive down to Mason and Washburn's Windy Hill Orchard.
Orchard Store
The place was buzzing with families picking apples from the trees, taking hay rides, buying pumpkins and eating some of the yummy homemade goodies they make and sell.
All aboard for a hay ride
And of course...the maze :)  The maze is in four and a half acres of corn fields and the stalks have to be eight feet high...or taller.  Neither one of us had ever done one before and this was a perfect starter maze.  Not crazy difficult but challenging enough and lots of fun.
Follow me into the maze, "bwa ha ha"

Man these stalks are really high...I am six feet tall!
It took us seventeen minutes from entrance to exit and we took turns leading the way around the corners (I am sure we went in circles at some point).
We found the exit...finally...yay!
They set up their pumpkins out in the field and its almost like an Easter Egg Hunt...except they're pumpkins...and not so hard to find and instead of being filled with candy they are filled with...pumpkin stuff :)
Now where did they hide those darn pumpkins?
It took us about twenty five minutes to drive to Mason but this one is worth the trip!

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