Saturday, September 28, 2013

Purgatory Falls

It doesn't seem to matter how long we have lived here (going on eight years), we always find new and exciting hikes we have never done before.  Two weeks ago that hike was Purgatory Falls (on Purgatory Brook) in Lyndeborough.

We thought we were going to do a six mile round-trip hike which would take us from the Lower Falls near the Southern trailhead all the way to the Upper Falls near the Northern Terminus but the trail between the falls isn't really contiguous.
Rob at Lower Falls
The hike from the trailhead to the Lower Falls isn't really a hike, its more of a nice walk since it is relatively flat and well traveled.  The falls are about twenty five feet high and have a lot of character.  You can get real close to the falls near the base as I did in the picture above or you can climb around and stand at the top looking down from the edge.  We came during a drier season and although the falls were flowing and beautiful, it was obvious to us they usually handle a lot more water flow.

After passing the Lower Falls, we hiked on for about another mile following the brook all the way.  It was very nice but the trail started to get less well traveled and we decided to turn back and simply drive around to the Upper Falls trailhead.
Upper Falls
From the second traihead, we hiked down to the Upper and Middle Falls, we had to climb down into a steep ravine and again although the water was not "rushing" it was clear these would be some spectacular falls when flowing!

Anyone looking for an easy hike with waterfall features, this hike (both of them) are a recommend!

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