Sunday, February 19, 2012

There hasn't been much snow around here lately, but according to the calendar, it's still winter!
We recently had a guest comment on how much she liked the winter wreath we had hanging outside, so I thought I'd post it here to share.  It is actually really easy to make one for yourself!  All you need is a large evergreen wreath (I used our Christmas holiday wreath and just removed the red bow), a long, thin scarf (or a piece of fleece cut to size), some colorful kid-sized mittens, a small length of clothesline, wooden clothespins, white snowflakes (the ones here are painted wood from the craft store), and some bendable wire (I used white floral wire, but white twist-ties would work great too).  Rather than actually tying the scarf into a bow (which was a little bulky with the fleece), I formed the bow-like loops and used a piece of floral wire to cinch in the middle like a knot.  The scarf, clothesline, and mittens are then all attached to the wreath with clothespins.  The beauty of using the clothespins is that everything can be easily adjusted until you are happy with the way it looks!  The snowflakes are scattered around the wreath and attached to the branches using small lengths of floral wire.  Once you've gathered up all the supplies, it only take a few minutes to do!
A colorful wreath to bring a little cheer to the winter.
The possibilities are endless!