Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls

As many of you may know, Paula grew up in Central Connecticut, so we often find ourselves traveling on Interstate 91 through Massachusetts on our way to visit family.  So many times, we have passed the sign for The Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls and have thought "We need to stop there", but time of day, time of year, weather, etc. just never seemed to be right.  On a day in late July though, everything worked out just right and we made our move.

Shelburne Falls - Glacial Potholes (in foreground)
Shelburne Falls is a quaint little village along the scenic and historic Mohawk Trail (Route 2) in Massachusetts (about 8 miles from I-91).   It is home to artists, a natural feature in the Deerfield River called Glacial Potholes, the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum, and our destination for the day... The Bridge of Flowers.

The Bridge of Flowers was originally a trolley bridge built in 1908, but by 1927 the railway company went bankrupt, unable to keep up with modern progress such as the invention of the automobile.  Quickly, the unused bridge became overrun with weeds, but in 1928, a town resident had the idea to turn the weed-filled "eyesore" into a bridge of flowers.  By 1929, with funds raised by the Shelburne Falls Women's Club, the project was in motion.  In 2011, this former "eyesore" is absolutely stunning!  Filled with beautiful, fragrant flowers and mature trees, it is a treat for all... including the birds and bees.  (As we were taking pictures of some beautiful red flowers, a hummingbird decided to visit them as well!  If you look closely in the photo, just to the left of center, you can see him, or her!)

Crocosmia Lucifer flowers with hummingbird

An interesting tree on The Bridge of Flowers
We often have guests that stay with us in Peterborough as part of a larger trip visiting multiple New England states.  We've found that Williamstown, Massachusetts, home of Williams College, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as other art, theater and cultural activities, is sometimes on their itineraries.  If this is part of your travel plans, then a drive on the Mohawk Trail and a stop in Shelburne Falls is definitely worth the trip.

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