Sunday, April 10, 2011

Signs of Spring in Peterborough and Hancock

According to the calendar, it has been spring for a few weeks now, but the weather has been a little slow to catch up. We've still got patches of snow in some areas and ice on some of the ponds and lakes, but this weekend, the weather was beautiful! Sunny and warm! On Sunday, we went for a ride up to Hancock for lunch at Fiddleheads Cafe. It was just warm enough outside for us to sit at the tables on their covered porch to enjoy our sandwiches! On the way there and back, we were treated to some very welcome signs of Spring!

Crocuses on a front lawn in Hancock

Swans frolicking in a makeshift pond along Middle Hancock Road

Back at the B and B... daylilies coming up along the Nubanusit

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