Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Best Snow (Removal) on Earth!

Now that we are getting our second significant snowstorm in just over a week, we thought it might be a good time to sing the praises of our town's snow removal crew.  Regardless of how much snow we get, they do a great job of keeping our roads and sidewalks clear!

For those of you who have been to the B&B, you may have noticed that the sidewalks in the area are adjacent to the roads, raised up on a granite curb, but without a tree lawn or other separation from the road.  During snowstorms, the road plows push the snow towards the curb, which ends up overlapping the sidewalk.  The sidewalk plow (yes, they plow our sidewalks for us) pushes the snow to the side, but it leaves a Jersey-barrier-type pile of snow on the edge of the road/sidewalk.  If the snow pile weren't removed, it would build up, melt, refreeze, build up some more during the next storm, and so on, until the road and sidewalk were tough to navigate.  Instead, the town brings out the heavy equipment and takes care of it.  It isn't a quiet process (you can hear and feel the trucks as they move down the street), but the process is reasonably fast and it keeps the roads and sidewalks in great shape all winter!  Here are some photos...
The snow thrower loads the snow into a dump truck.

When one truck is full, it pulls away and the next one pulls up to receive the snow.

Next comes the sidewalk plow to clean things up a bit.

And there it goes.
After one more pass by the snow thrower, the road and sidewalk are clean and ready to go!

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