Monday, July 12, 2010

Climb Every Mountain - Ted's Trail, the road less traveled

There are so many great hiking trails in Southern New Hampshire and we keep a file with hiking books and trail maps.  However, our goal is to hike all of them ourselves so we can share our own experiences with our guests and make good suggestions.

Just before July 4th weekend, we had an opportunity with a friend to climb to the top of North Pack (just ten minutes drive from Little River Bed and Breakfast).  We had climbed North Pack before but instead of starting at the Wapack trail head, we drove about a mile farther down the road to lesser known trailhead for Ted's Trail and Carolyn's Trail.  Ted's trail is usually an outstandingly scenic trail (if that's even a word) that follows a brook, crosses in front of waterfalls, and brings you to the Cliff Trail near the top of Pack Monadnock.

It has been a dry summer so the river and waterfalls were pretty low but it was still a great hike and we could see the Boston skyline from the top and we could pick out Mount Washington, Crotched Mountain, Wachusett, Watatic, and of course South Pack and Mount Monadnock.  The book for Ted's Trail lists all the peaks with their compass bearings so if you have a compass or GPS you can identify what you are looking at (nice feature)!

We should mention it is also blueberry season and the Cliff Trail had plenty of blueberry bushes just begging to be picked so we had to stop along the way to snack :)  Fresh wild blueberries right off the bush...yum!

One of the benefits of this hike is that it is definitely the road...trail...less traveled.  Although there were a handful of cars at the Wapack trailhead, we were the only people on Ted's Trail.  If you are looking for a great hike with solitude, Ted's Trail will not disappoint.


  1. Did the berries end up on the breakfast table?

  2. Absolutely...still serving them with breakfast :)