Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy, our oldest guest yet!

Daisy came and stayed with us for two nights but we did not have to offer her a bed (she brought her own sleeping arrangements) and we did not have to give her breakfast.  Talk about low maintenance :)  Daisy is a 1910 Model T Ford, that's right, one hundred years old and still trucking...err...driving!

Daisy was here with her owners that were in the area for a "Pre-1916" auto tour.  They were here for three days of touring around the region and although the weather did not co-operate on Saturday, they still got two days of driving in and exploring the area.

Daisy turned out to be a treat for everyone staying at Little River Bed and Breakfast as it dominated the breakfast conversation and everyone made sure to be around when Daisy was rolled out of her trailer for the days drive.

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