Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hikes and Geocaching at the Harris Center

Sunday was a nice day to get out and go for a hike.  With some of our guests having gone geocaching downtown, we decided a trip to the Harris Center in Hancock would make a for a nice "short" hike.  The Harris Center is a gem in the Monadnock Region, a land trust that conserves almost 9,000 acres and offers educational classes for kids and adults.

The trails are open to the public and we have not explored their trail system as much as we would like.  So back to our "short" hike, after checking out the trail map, we decided on the Mount Skatutakee trail (say that three times fast).  From the 2,000' summit, we had nice views of Mt Monadnock and the mountains East of it.  Considering the time of day (it was mid-afternoon) we changed our short hike to a longer hike and decided to hop over to Mount Thumb (the trail up is "Thumbs Up" and the trail down is "Thumbs Down" :)  From the 1800' summit of Mt Thumb we had better views of Mount Monadnock and panoramic views to the East and West.

We had the trail completely to ourselves for the four mile hike, had to cross a small stream, past a nice pond, and snagged two geocaches along the way.  Unfortunately we did not bring our DSLR camera and were disappointed when we came across a woodpecker right at eye level just twenty steps up the trail from us working on a pretty solid tree.

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