Monday, January 18, 2010

Peterborough theater performances nominated for awards

The nominees for the 8th Annual New Hampshire Theatre Awards have been announced and it is no surprise that some of our local performances were among the best!  Between the Peterborough Players and Actors' Circle Theatre's, a total of 27 nominations were received.

For the Peterborough Players, the two noted performances were "Heartbreak House" with 11 nominations and "Little Shop of Horrors" with 8.  Although we missed "Heartbreak House", we did get to see "Little Shop of Horrors"... and it was great!  (I have the song "Little shop, little shop of horrors, little shop..." running through my head as I write this.)  Actually, the Players received nominations in every professional theatre category except "Best Original Playwright".

Among community groups, the Actors' Circle Theatre summer production of "Taming of the Shrew" received a total of 8 nominations.  We were thrilled to have been able to see this performance as well.  It was their 2nd Annual "Shakespeare in the Park" production performed free to the public in Depot Square and it was a real treat!  The weather was perfect, we picked up snacks at Roy's Market (though had we planned ahead we probably would have taken advantage of the special Picnic Dinner that was being offered by Aesop's Table cafe), and we got to enjoy live Shakespeare in our own community!

We are looking forward to seeing how the local groups fare at the awards night on February 5th at the Palace Theatre in Manchester... and we can't wait to find out what the 2010 seasons will bring!  (The Peterborough Players will be announcing their 2010 schedule at their Annual Meeting on February 13th.)

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