Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cross Country Skiing in Southern NH

OK, so we are not cross country skiers ourselves but our full house of guests this past weekend were and they came back with some positive reviews of the local places.

If you are looking for a x-country ski area with groomed trails and all the perks, look no further than the highly regarded Windblown Ski Area in New Ipswich about fifteen minutes away.  They have a base lodge, they rent gear, they groom 25 miles of trails, and from what we have heard the snacks and sandwiches they sell are all fresh and locally made.

If you are simply looking for some trails nearby the B&B where you can bring your own skis for a run, MacDowell Lake up the road from us has a nice trail on the East side that guests gave two thumbs up to and then the next day they hit Sargent Camp which they said had 'great trails...definitely recommend'.

Snow conditions were great in the area until the past two days but we have no doubt the season is not over yet and expect some new powder and colder temps within the next few days.

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  1. I think we will try their Warming Hut for our next visit!!!