Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Keene Pumpkinfest 2009

Four years in NH and our first Keene Pumpkinfest...never have we seen so many Jack O'Lanterns in our life! More than 29,000 (we contributed two) which was a Keene record lining up and down Main Street and carvers were very creative.
So many Jack O'Lanterns!!!
Although it's mostly about the pumpkins, there were also street vendors and entertainers, crafts tents, and fireworks. Check out all the pumpkins in the pictures below and more can be found on our Little River Bed and Breakfast Facebook page.
That's a lot of pumpkins!
It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pack Monadnock Hawk Migration

Raptors of Pack Monadnock
During the months of September and October, the NH Audubon Society sets up a Pack Monadnock Raptor Observatory to observe and count the migration of hawks from up North to down South. Pack Monadnock is considered one of the best places in NH from which to observe the migration.
Audubon Society Hawk Migration Spotters
During today's visit, we spotted some Red-Tailed Hawks, Sharp-Shinned Hawks, and one Cooper's Hawk that attacked the Audubon Society's decoy owl (meant to attract rival bird's of prey). The spotters have counted over 10,000 raptors in two of the past three years and have already spotted almost 6,000 this year (see the count board below).

The Daily and Season Totals

Cathedral of the Pines

Another wonderful stroll with fantastic views of Mt Monadnock is Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge. The history behind the property and how it became a non-denominational peace memorial is an interesting story and the setting is idyllic.

They hold outdoor weddings and religious events throughout the warmer months, just check out this picture of the outdoor chapel with Mt Monadnock in the background!

What a view!!!

Hancock Railroad Depot

Cannot believe it has been a month since we last posted to the blog but September/October is very busy around the B&B as the leaves change colors, apple picking season is in full bloom, and the days get cooler.

We are always looking for new places to explore and hike and whenever we get a chance to get out we do. One little peaceful gem we found was the Hancock Railroad Depot just ten minutes to the North of us. The railroad used to go through many of the small towns up here. The railroads are gone but evidence of their past can still be found and this is one of them.
The Hancock Depot
We parked at the depot which is a nicely maintained station just outside of town along Norway Pond. It's a short but very pleasant 1/3 mile stroll on the old railroad bed which drops you off at a quiet and scenic spot perfect for picnicking and relaxing (sandwiches can be bought at either the Hancock Market or Fiddleheads Cafe right in town).

If you want to enjoy some solitude and scenery and are not looking for a long or challenging hike, this is the spot (see picture below)!

Reflection in Norway Pond in the Fall