Monday, August 24, 2009

Stone Arch Bridges of Hillsborough

Often we suggest guests take a driving tour of the covered bridges South of Keene but we had a half day free this past Sunday and decided to drive the Stone Arch Bridge Tour of Hillsborough just thirty minutes North of Peterborough.
Old Carr Bridge
The bridges are unique and the history behind their construction is interesting. There were once more than a dozen of these mortar-less bridges and there are now a handful left.  We explored five bridges and the driving tour gives you hiking, picnicking, swimming, and photo opportunities and of course there are some geo-caches to find as well.  We have a nice pamphlet describing the tour.
Paula at the Gleason Falls Bridge
There is more to Hillsborough than the bridges though, we visited Gibson Pewter where he makes handmade pewter items and has been recognized as one of America's Top 200 craftsmen. There are also some nice antiques shops, the Franklin Pierce Homestead (our 14th president), and let's not forget our favorite place to get a hot pretzel and some excellent breads and baked goods at German John's...psst, there's a pretty good ice cream shop right next door :)

2013 edit: the ice cream shoppe did not open this summer :(

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peterborough's Triathlon

Peterborough hosted the 1st Annual Monadnock Challenge Series Sprint Triathlon today (Saturday August 22nd). It was a .40 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and 5K run and the course passed us twice, once on the bike and once on the run. Here's a link to the Facebook page.
About ninety people completed it and we stood outside cheering the participants on. I know there were plenty of hills on the course but the heat and humidity were not likely expected and I am sure it slowed some of the athletes down. The winner finished the course in about one hour and eleven minutes.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pitcher Mountain

The wild blueberry bushes at Pitcher Mountain are going strong! A short 10-15 minute hike up to the top gets you great views and lots and lots of blueberries to snack on or take home (when you bring your own containers). The berries are a bargain (only 75 cents a quart... and the money goes to keeping the trails maintained), but picking them is a labor of love. The wild berries are so small, it can take quite a while to pick 'em!
What a delicious view!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Buckets of blueberries!

We are now in the midst of blueberry season, so I made my annual outing to Monadnock Berries in Troy for PYO berries. Even though it isn't the closest place to pick blueberries around here (there are quite a few farms close by in Peterborough and neighboring towns), it is still one of my favorites! The views of Mount Monadnock are spectacular and the blueberries are delicious and plentiful.

Mount Monadnock from Monadnock Berries

The folks at Monadnock Berries have many different varieties of blueberries, so their season lasts from mid-July into September. The ones I picked were Blueray... they were yummy and varied in size from average to gargantuan! In less than 2 hours, I picked about 13 1/2 pounds.

Thirteen and a half pounds of blueberries

My next blueberry outing will be to Pitcher Mountain in Stoddard. There, the wild blueberry bushes cover the mountain so you can hike and pick berries at the same time. Payment is by the honor system and the price can't be beat (75 cents a quart, goes towards helping to maintain the trails)!

Thirteen and a half pounds of blueberries

Mount Monadnock from Monadnock Berries

We you?

Everyone kept telling us blogs and websites are so 2000s and that we need to facebook and tweet. Well, we are not quite up to tweeting (just don't think we have enough exciting stuff to tweet about) but the Bed and Breakfast is on Facebook. Check us out, become a fan, contribute posts to the page, or just follow along with what is going on around the B&B and the region.

Here's the link: Little River Bed and Breakfast facebook page

Sunday, August 2, 2009


We were serving breakfast to a guest this morning when we looked out the river deck windows towards the river and there he was (could have been a she). Probably an adolescent because he was only about five feet tall to the shoulder but as quickly as he walked up to the deck he turned around and walked casually back down to the river, across it, and disappeared into the woods on the other side. Very exciting!!!

Unfortunately he came and went faster than we could get the camera out so we don't have a picture to post.