Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hiking...and more hiking

The weather has been nice lately and that has allowed us to get outside and do some hiking...and a little more geo-caching :)

Memorial Day was a hike up the Dublin Trail of Mount Monadnock. It was our first hike up Monadnock for the season and the first time we have ever taken the Dublin Trail. Although it was Memorial Day and there were plenty of hikers at the top, the DT is definitely the road less taken as we passed very few people on the trail. At the top, we were rewarded with sixty mile visibility and an opportunity to hunt for (and find) a well-hidden geo-cache.


Less than one week later we had another opportunity to take a hike and this time we joined some friends to the top of Gap Mountain in Troy, a little to the SW of Mount Monadnock. With one summit at 1840 feet, we had excellent views of Monadnock's 3300 foot summit just across some fields. At the top, we also searched for and found two more geo-caches, one a "lock and lock" box and the other a mortar shell case.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Peterborough is a good place to...

... visit, live, AND do business!

Every month, the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce sponsors a Business After Hours event that is hosted by one or more Chamber members. It is a great opportunity for Chamber members to meet one another, learn about what the host business(es) have to offer, and generally network with others in the area. Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting the Chamber's May event. We were thrilled to have more than 30 Chamber members attend, sample our tasty treats, and enjoy a first-hand look at the B&B. We had been hoping for nice weather (in other words, no rain) and we got it, but what we hadn't counted on was temperatures around 90 degrees (pretty unusual for NH in mid/late-May). The upside was that the warm weather encouraged folks to wander outside towards the breezy shade near the river where they could truly experience the unique setting we have here. For food, we sampled variations of some of our breakfast offerings including two vegetable frittatas and maple kielbasa on mini-buttermilk biscuits, and snacks including peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (see our January '08 blog posting for the recipe) and homemade carrot cake. The maple kielbasa is something new we've just added to our breakfast offerings (from Fox Country Smokehouse in Canterbury, NH), and with the positive feedback we received, it is definitely a keeper! Many thanks to photographer Annie Card for taking photos (including the ones above) and to the Chamber for the opportunity to host the event last week!

As a special bonus for Chamber members, there was a second Business After Hours event this month which was hosted last night by the Monadnock Summer Lyceum at the historical Unitarian-Universalist Church in downtown Peterborough. The Lyceum, which dates back to 1829, brings in speakers on a wide variety of topics including social, political, scientific, and cultural subjects. In addition to the live, Sunday morning presentation (free and open to the public), the lectures are recorded and broadcast on the following Saturday on NHPR. This year's season will begin on June 28 with a talk by Rona Zlokower, MCM, titled "Youth and Media: Benefit vs. Peril". For more information, please visit the Monadnock Summer Lyceum's website at

Friday, May 15, 2009

Geocaching in Peterborough

Do you know what geocaching is? Paula and I had heard of it but knew nothing about it until some guests of ours explained the basics (they were doing some geocaching themselves while here in the area). Basically it is like a scavenger hunt using a handheld GPS device and it is challenging and fun.

The caches can be hidden by anyone and they are usually a sealed weatherproof container filled with trinkets. You can take a trinket as long as you leave a trinket and make sure to sign the log book.

Turns out we have quite a few caches right here in Peterborough and there must be dozens if not hundreds all over the Monadnock region. Paula and I have now found four and we hope to find more and perhaps hide a few of our own caches around the region. I will mention that our local Parks and Recreation Department has GPS devices that they loan out for anyone wanting to try their hand at it.

For more information, go to and the next time you come to Peterborough bring your handheld GPS device. Happy hunting...and thanks Thin Thin and Marcus!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We have a turtle, but he doesn't have a name...

OK, so we don't really have a turtle but last fall we found a turtle sunning on a rock in the river right behind the house. We took a few pictures of him and then the winter came and the turtle left. Spring has returned and so has the turtle, we know it is the same turtle because we took more pictures and he (or she) looks the same :)


Since we now have a turtle, we need to name him (or her)...we are thinking a gender neutral name and we are looking for suggestions. Anyone want to help us out?