Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pack Monadnock Hawk Migration

Raptors of Pack Monadnock
During the months of September and October, the NH Audubon Society sets up a Pack Monadnock Raptor Observatory to observe and count the migration of hawks from up North to down South. Pack Monadnock is considered one of the best places in NH from which to observe the migration.
Audubon Society Hawk Migration Spotters
During today's visit, we spotted some Red-Tailed Hawks, Sharp-Shinned Hawks, and one Cooper's Hawk that attacked the Audubon Society's decoy owl (meant to attract rival bird's of prey). The spotters have counted over 10,000 raptors in two of the past three years and have already spotted almost 6,000 this year (see the count board below).

The Daily and Season Totals

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