Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Keene Pumpkinfest 2009

Four years in NH and our first Keene Pumpkinfest...never have we seen so many Jack O'Lanterns in our life! More than 29,000 (we contributed two) which was a Keene record lining up and down Main Street and carvers were very creative.

Although it's mostly about the pumpkins, there were also street vendors and entertainers, crafts tents, and fireworks. Check out all the pumpkins in the pictures below and more can be found on our Little River Bed and Breakfast Facebook page.

Pumpkinfest 2009-02

Pumpkinfest 2009-tower lit

Pumpkinfest 2009-Rob and big pumpkin


  1. Is that a pumpkin hat, Rob?

  2. Ha ha, no it's my Aussie "Outback" hat.