Monday, August 24, 2009

Stone Arch Bridges of Hillsborough

Often we suggest guests take a driving tour of the covered bridges South of Keene but we had a half day free this past Sunday and decided to drive the Stone Arch Bridge Tour of Hillsborough just thirty minutes North of Peterborough.
Old Carr Bridge
The bridges are unique and the history behind their construction is interesting. There were once more than a dozen of these mortar-less bridges and there are now a handful left.  We explored five bridges and the driving tour gives you hiking, picnicking, swimming, and photo opportunities and of course there are some geo-caches to find as well.  We have a nice pamphlet describing the tour.
Paula at the Gleason Falls Bridge
There is more to Hillsborough than the bridges though, we visited Gibson Pewter where he makes handmade pewter items and has been recognized as one of America's Top 200 craftsmen. There are also some nice antiques shops, the Franklin Pierce Homestead (our 14th president), and let's not forget our favorite place to get a hot pretzel and some excellent breads and baked goods at German John's...psst, there's a pretty good ice cream shop right next door :)

2013 edit: the ice cream shoppe did not open this summer :(

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