Saturday, July 25, 2009

New things around the B&B

There are always projects to be done around the house or things we could improve. This summer's big project was getting the front and West side of the house painted...yes the same color. Who thought two sides of the house could take over a month! The painters had the two sides stripped down to the bare wood in about two weeks but just as they finished stripping (early June) the rains were starting. We think it rained 30 out of 35 days and the painters had no chance to sand, prime, or wasn't until after July 4th weekend that the sun finally reappeared for more than one consecutive days and they were able to get back to work.

We think the painters were just as happy to finish the B&B as we were but we have to admit...we think it looks pretty darn good! What do you think?


We didn't want to ignore the back so we purchased new furniture for the River Deck that expands our seating out there. It has an umbrella and is very much so that we have more guests interested in eating breakfast outside (the weather and number of guests has to be just right) and taking their lunch out there as well.


Just as a teaser, we have a new restaurant in town. The owner of Pearl has opened Cantine, our first Mexican restaurant and we are excited because if he does as well with Cantine as he does with Pearl it will be excellent. Will report after we have had a chance to go.


  1. Continuous improvement is the name of the game. It all looks great! How is the other house doing? We look forward to trying Cantine on our next trip - hopefully soon.

  2. Great new look! Can't wait for our next visit to sit on the deck and enjoy the sounds of the river (and see you guys again, too!).