Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hiking...and more hiking

The weather has been nice lately and that has allowed us to get outside and do some hiking...and a little more geo-caching :)

Memorial Day was a hike up the Dublin Trail of Mount Monadnock. It was our first hike up Monadnock for the season and the first time we have ever taken the Dublin Trail. Although it was Memorial Day and there were plenty of hikers at the top, the DT is definitely the road less taken as we passed very few people on the trail. At the top, we were rewarded with sixty mile visibility and an opportunity to hunt for (and find) a well-hidden geo-cache.


Less than one week later we had another opportunity to take a hike and this time we joined some friends to the top of Gap Mountain in Troy, a little to the SW of Mount Monadnock. With one summit at 1840 feet, we had excellent views of Monadnock's 3300 foot summit just across some fields. At the top, we also searched for and found two more geo-caches, one a "lock and lock" box and the other a mortar shell case.


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