Friday, May 15, 2009

Geocaching in Peterborough

Do you know what geocaching is? Paula and I had heard of it but knew nothing about it until some guests of ours explained the basics (they were doing some geocaching themselves while here in the area). Basically it is like a scavenger hunt using a handheld GPS device and it is challenging and fun.

The caches can be hidden by anyone and they are usually a sealed weatherproof container filled with trinkets. You can take a trinket as long as you leave a trinket and make sure to sign the log book.

Turns out we have quite a few caches right here in Peterborough and there must be dozens if not hundreds all over the Monadnock region. Paula and I have now found four and we hope to find more and perhaps hide a few of our own caches around the region. I will mention that our local Parks and Recreation Department has GPS devices that they loan out for anyone wanting to try their hand at it.

For more information, go to and the next time you come to Peterborough bring your handheld GPS device. Happy hunting...and thanks Thin Thin and Marcus!

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