Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Ice Storm of 2008 wrap-up

I think the storm (power outage) is officially over for everyone (today's paper stated there were 16 homes in the area still without power). The utility companies from as far away as Ohio, Maryland, and Canada have gone back home and things are definitely back to normal. We were without power from Friday, December 12th at 1 AM to Tuesday, December 16th at 7 PM...114 hours (4 1/2 days). We felt fortunate because we had heard earlier in the day that it would be a minimum of several more days before our power would be restored and we know others who were without power as much as a week longer than us. Thank you to everyone who called and emailed to check on us. Other than losing a few tree branches and a fridge/freezer full of food, we did not suffer any damage.

Please enjoy the slideshow of pictures we took in Peterborough and Dublin after the storm.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Power outage continues...

We are closing in on 96 hours (4 days) without power but we are hanging in there. The utility company won't give us an estimate so we can only hope power will be restored to Peterborough soon.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Ice Storm of December 2008

I am posting this blog entry from the Paneras thirty minutes away in Keene. The news says over 300,000 people are without power in NH and that it could be days before we get electricity back (it has already been more than 36 hours already). Mother Nature is awesome...she may be wreaking havoc on Southern NH where the Monadnick Region and Peterborough were some of the hardest hit areas but the area is filled with amazing photo opportunities as in this picture of the trees hanging over the river encased in ice.