Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wildlife and words

Sunning turtle
It was an absolutely beautiful day today and we spent much of the afternoon working on small projects around the B&B that need to get done before the weather gets too cold. Rob worked on stacking our woodpile and Paula worked on touching up paint and caulk around the outside of the house. While working, it occurred to us that we were just like all of the chipmunks and squirrels that have been running around like crazy lately trying to get ready for the winter. Well, seems that not every creature may not be that concerned about winter coming.

Sunning lazily on a rock in the river was a turtle. We were busy busy and he was going nowhere fast (like a turtle ever goes anywhere fast) Sometimes you have to slow down and enjoy the weather and the scenery...who thought you could learn from a turtle :)

That was the wildlife, the words was actually just one word. "Monadnock". A regular guest of ours...and now friend of the family...sent us an email. She belongs to "A Word A Day" from wordsmith.org and recently the word of the day was "Monadnock". According to wordsmith:

MEANING: noun: An isolated hill or mountain that, having resisted erosion, rises above a plain.
ETYMOLOGY: After Mount Monadnock, a peak in New Hampshire, whose name in Algonquian means isolated mountain.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Shades of Fall

After some hot weather at the end of last week and some extra rain from Hurricane Hanna over the weekend, we have been treated to a couple of beautiful days with cool nights and clear breezy mornings. So with the local kids back in school and apple picking having started, it is hard not to notice the signs of Fall approaching. And then this morning, our conversation turned to pumpkins!

Our first guests down to breakfast this morning were Jean Knapp and John Webb. John owns Cob Webb Farm in West Barnstable, Massachusetts and he and Jean have built a wonderful pumpkin patch business at the farm. In fact, they are currently featured in an article in the October 2008 issue of Cape Cod Life magazine (www.CapeCodLife.com). Lucky for us, they brought a copy of the magazine for us to see. A great story and beautiful photos! We were ready to hop in the car and follow them back to their farm! (Unfortunately, we couldn't really... but we wanted to!) They grow big pumpkins and little pumpkins, white pumpkins and even Cinderella pumpkins (shaped like Cinderella's carriage)! The farm is open on weekends from the end of September through October for pumpkins, and in November and December they have Christmas trees available. It is definitely on our list of places to go sometime soon!