Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rob's Book Club: James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing

Paula and I have a book shelf in the sunroom on the second floor and the discussion of books often becomes a topic of discussion with our guests. Much of our library is dedicated to novels and often we find we have much in common with our guests with regards to authors and style of writing.

Back in early October, we had guests, George and his wife, from the Midwest that were getting away to New England to unwind and see the New England Fall Foliage. As is typical in our conversations when learning about our guests, we discovered that George does computer graphics and 3D animation for a living. It's pretty cool stuff and you can check it out at but his wife also mentioned that George is an author. He was pretty modest about it explaining that he has not yet been published but the next day we learned that George has been writing a series of "Fan Fiction" books based on James Potter, Harry Potter's son, and his years at Hogwarts.

The James Potter books may be "Fan Fiction" and he may not technically be published but he has developed quite a following and has written a follow up second book and his fans have taken it upon themselves to translate his books into Spanish, German, and soon French (and possibly other languages in the future). Sounds like a pretty good following to me.

So what I am reading now cannot be found on my bookshelf in the sunroom but can be found online at The first book, James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing is 405 pages long and I am just on page 112 so I have a ways to go but I am enjoying it. If anyone else here has read it or does read it, comments about what you think are welcome...just don't spoil it ;) Happy Reading!

Update 12/12/08: I ordered a printed copy of the book so it would be easier to read. Very professional print would swear I picked it up at Borders or Barnes & Noble!

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