Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer has arrived...time to think outdoor activities!

Just yesterday the high was in the 60s and this morning we were installing our window air conditioner units while the outside temperature climbed to 95 degrees. Now temperatures alone don't make it Summer but our guests seem to be thinking outdoors as well. We have had a guest staying with us regularly for the last few weeks and she has left her road bike here and has had several good opportunities to take long rides and just last weekend we had a couple that climbed Mt Monadnock.

Another couple showed up with their tandem bike, mountain bike, and running shoes. She started the weekend with a ten mile road race that finished with a steep steep run to the top of Pack Monadnock (he rode it on his mountain bike). They followed that up with a twenty mile tandem bike ride, woke up the next morning and warmed up with a four mile run before preparing for a long tandem bike ride (we think forty or fifty miles).

We were starting to feel like sloths but we did manage a ten or fifteen mile bicycle ride ourselves on the local rail-trail that leads North out of town towards Hancock and Bennington. Unfortunately the hill into town goes down which means the return trip ends with a good uphill. I also did a short ride up to MacDowell Dam (maybe three or four miles round trip) and today I took my first dip in the river to cool off from the heat after working outside in the yard. Tomorrow I hope to get another bicycle ride in and hope to explore another route...we will see as the temperatures are supposed to be warmer than today.

Don't let the heat scare you away, the temperatures still drop in the evenings down into the very pleasant upper 50s and outdoor activities are not the only thing you can do in Peterborough during the Summer. Peterborough Players professional theater group opens their season in their 1700s barn/converted theater next week and the Monadnock Music and Summer Lyceum will be getting started as well. All of our restaurants have outdoor dining including some riverside, it's a wonderful time to be strolling downtown Peterborough and the shops, or go antiquing all over the Monadnock region.

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