Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm an ambassador :)

GSA Logo
OK, maybe not the kind of ambassador you are thinking but I (Rob) spent two days getting my Granite State Ambassador's certificate. I am sure you are wondering what a Granite State Ambassador is so, according to the website...

The award-winning Granite State Ambassadors are New Hampshire's Information Specialists. A group of highly trained individuals, the Ambassadors greet and assist visitors at Welcome and Information Centers throughout New Hampshire. They also provide travel counseling within the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism to potential visitors via telephone and e-mail.

I learned important information like the answer to why the Man in the Mountain fell down. If you want to know...you'll have to ask, I will tell you now...it isn't what you think :)


  1. Formal congratulations to the new Ambassador, and to the Madam Ambassador, or should that be Ambassadorette?

    Kind regards.

  2. Congrats Ambassador! To bad its not shared with the family :) Thank you for adding our inns reciprocal link. -From fellow ambassador(ette) HT

  3. Thanks Heather and Norm, I have now started volunteering (sporadically) down at the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Information Center when my innkeeping duties allow me to.