Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First snow of the season


Dreaming of a "White Christmas"? How about a "White Thanksgiving"? November 20th is the first snow of the season...and it is sticking. It is supposed to warm up the next couple of days (into the 40s) so it won't stay but it is pretty at the moment!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Sensation of Sight


The local Peterborough Community Theater will be showing The Sensation of Sight, an independent feature filmed in Peterborough in 2005 and starring well known actor David Strathairn (who also co-produced it).

The synopsis of the movie is: A fusion of dream/reality, this off-beat drama about a man's search for meaning amidst the ache of despair chronicles Finn, a middle-aged English teacher, as he enters a mid-life crisis impelled by a recent tragedy. As he sets afoot selling encyclopedias to the town locals, encounters ensue and sales are made, but Finn's anxieties begin to consume him as he finds himself pursued by an unrelenting ghost. Circling through sleepless nights and desperate days, this story intertwines lives of loneliness and disconnection, fatefully leading Finn toward an unexpected and sublime awakening.

Peterborough has already received a lot of attention lately between being named one of the top ten coolest small towns in the U.S. by Budget Travel Magazine and a character from The Sopranos hiding out in Peterborough several seasons ago. Now the nationwide release of The Sensation of Sight will bring more recognition to town.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Campaign 2008…Peterborough a good place to get your fix!

Peterborough has not been ignored during the 2008 race for the White House which is really turning out to be the 2007 race. The NH primary date has not yet been set but the candidates have been here on a weekly basis for the past four months.

This Wednesday (tomorrow), NY Senator Hillary Clinton will be in town speaking at our Town Hall (called the Town House in Peterborough and pictured above with Arizona Senator John McCain's campaign bus in front of it).

In the very recent past we have had

  • Former Senator John Edwards on October 31st inside the Town House

  • Illinois Senator Barack Obama has been here a couple of times

  • New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson spoke at Franklin Pierce University just twenty minutes down the road

  • Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani in front of the Town House

  • Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee gave a speech at the Peterborough Diner

  • Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

So whatever your preference in politics, Peterborough is a great town to hear all sides of all the issues!