Friday, August 31, 2007

Blue skies and apples!


Fall is right around the corner...our favorite season when the leaves change to vibrant reds and golds, and apples are in season. Daytime temps are still plenty warm and nighttime temps have been getting nice and cool, making for great "sleeping weather". This also makes for some wonderful NH mornings and very pleasant days with lots of blue sky and sunshine.

This past week the NH Union Leader had an article about apple season in New Hampshire and it appears the local orchards expect to have a great late Summer/early of their best in years!

Under the guise of doing research, we spent Wednesday "working" by checking out a local orchard (near Keene) which has already been picking for at least a week. They had Ginger Golds and Paula Reds and dozens more varieties coming in the next month. We preferred the Paula Reds (which have already found their way to our breakfast table in the form of Caramel Apple French Toast - yum!).

With a half dozen orchards scattered around the Monadnock region, there are plenty of opportunities to pick-your-own apples and sample other seasonal fruits. Come join is a great time of year to enjoy the bounty of nature.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Peterborough is “Cool…Very Cool”!!!

So... here it is. We've been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but it took Peterborough's inclusion in Budget Travel's list of "Top 10 Coolest Small Towns" in the U.S. to inspire us to actually get started. Our hope for this blog is to share thoughts about what's happening in Peterborough, fun things to do in the Monadnock region, and maybe a recipe of two here or there (which only seems fitting since we are a Bed & Breakfast). As new innkeepers, our "spare time" is pretty rare, but we hope to be able to make regular updates as often as we can. Thanks for reading.

About the Budget Travel article...we learned today that Peterborough was named one of the "Top 10 Coolest Small Towns" in the U.S. by Budget Travel magazine. OK, well we didn't learn that today...we've known Peterborough was a pretty cool place to be since we moved here but now the rest of the world gets to find out. Just click here to read the article from the September 2007 issue.