Thursday, October 18, 2007

You never do know…

... what will happen around here. This week has been full of interesting moments and pleasant surprises!

We started off on Monday morning with a "Pajama Breakfast". A group of guests who had been staying with us for the weekend asked if they could have a "later" breakfast (at 9:00 AM) and if they could come down in their pajamas. We were happy to oblige... and in fact we came down in our PJs too (after showering and putting on clean pajamas, of course). It was a casual and fun change to the normal routine!

On Tuesday, we had an impromptu mini B&B convention as two of the couples who checked-in with us were also B&B owners. It was all quite coincidental!

And now, it is just Thursday morning and we've already had guests from California (Southern CA and the Bay Area), Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Prince Edward Island - Canada, Maine, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Holland!

Add to that weather that has been exceptionally pleasant and fall color that continues to amaze and we can definitely say it has been a great week so far!

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