Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fore…watch out for flying pumpkins!!!


We had heard quite a bit about the trebuchet in Greenfield just fifteen minutes away but had never been. What is a trebuchet you ask, it is similar to a catapult but instead of hurling rocks or cannon balls, it hurls pumpkins. That's right, eight to ten pounders (of the white variety because they are denser than orange ones) and this particular trebuchet is one of the best throwing pumpkins almost 2000 feet!

We were not exactly sure what to expect when arriving but the builders of this competition winning trebuchet set it up in a large field (shown above), and built a castle 600 feet in the distance to play up the medieval feel. From the oxen pulling carts filled with kids to the walk up to the castle with drawbridge, the trebuchet owners who have opened their "Pumkin' Chunkin'" practices to the public have made it quite festive. They even let kids from the viewing audience pull the rope that launches the pumpkins.

What fun!

Trebuchet practice is open to the viewing public throughout the month of October on weekends before they break it down and transport it to Delaware for the competition.

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