Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We “clowned around” this past weekend…

Well...actually we had a clown around this weekend!

But first, a little bit of background...

When we were designing the breakfast area of our B&B, we had to decide whether to go with one large table where guests sit together or several smaller ones where each group has their own private area. Considering our own stays at B&Bs, the most memorable experiences we have had were at B&Bs with one large table where we had an opportunity to meet and talk with other guests. So that is the way we went with our design... with one large farmhouse table... hoping that our guests would also favor this arrangement.

And now, even though we have been open only for a relatively short time, we have met some very interesting and wonderful people who have stayed at the B&B. Many mornings, the conversation at the breakfast table is quite lively and this past weekend was no exception. One of our guests suggested we could talk about "interesting conversations at breakfast" in our blog. It was such a great idea, that we decided to start right away!

On this past Sunday morning, the conversation turned to careers. One of the guests, a professional clown with the Big Apple Circus, mentioned that the part he loves most about his job is the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit, where clowns dress as doctors and visit children in hospitals. Twice a week, he becomes Dr. Trikki, and brings smiles and much needed silliness to an otherwise very serious place. He was recently featured on the Today Show where he had Dr. Ditzy (aka Meredith Vieira) accompany him on bedside rounds. It is a very heartwarming story! Now celebrating 20 years of pediatric clowning, the Clown Care Unit of the Big Apple Circus operates 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, and are in 18 hospitals nationwide. Dr. Trikki (aka Richard "Dikki" Ellis) is happy to share his website, www.dikkiellis.com, where he has a link to a video on the Today Show story. Thank you Dikki for sharing with us, and thank you Robin for the great idea!

You never know who you might meet when you come down for breakfast.

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